Diaz-Canel says current obstacles will be overcome

When leaving the site, the President was welcomed by community residents who expressed their solidarity and support for the Revolution.

In his exchange with them, Diaz Canel said the Revolution will always be by the side of the people and that if it has been unable to accomplish more, it’s less because of its inefficiencies than it has been due to the blockade. 

In his daily experience, he said he witnesses its terrible impact, as he has to count how much the country needs and how much it does not have. 

He stressed that ultimately, despite the adversity of having the brutal US sanctions, the pandemic, and the economic crisis, he expressed confidence that all those obstacles will be overcome and that good times will come.

The Cuban leader also visited the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM), where several drugs against COVID-19 are produced, and he  held talks with workers of the  Power Plant Maintenance Enterprise, whose employees are involved in the stability of the country’s electric grid.

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