The 2021 National Radio Award

The 2021 National Radio Award was conferred to outstanding workers of that media in Cuba

Miozotis Fabelo Pinares is a multi-award-winning journalist from Camaguey, the only one in Cuba and in the Central American and Caribbean Region who has received the “Henry Dunant” Award of the International Red Cross for Journalistic Excellence on two consecutive occasions (in 1998 and 1999), as scriptwriter and director in the documentary and testimony genres. 

In the case of Luis Ismael Rensoli Sánchez, in 1984 he began his work on the Radio Rebelde staff in the Propaganda department, where he was the designer of the station’s sound platform and the creator of a new style for radio production, which earned him praise from specialists and colleagues in the field over the years. 

He also created the identity theme “Cuban Radio: Sound to see” (“Radio Cubana: Sonido para ver”). For years he served as director of the news magazine Haciendo Radio and was the founder of the news program Exclusivo de Rebelde

And Franklin Reinoso Rivas is part of the history of radio in the province of Villa Clara, who in 1963 began his studies at the ICRT School, where he received classes in direction, style of speech, audio, and music from great media personalities of that time. 

At the end of the course, he made his debut in the radio world at the CMHW Station in Santa Clara, and with his knowledge and creative spirit he contributed to revolutionizing programming and making it much more comprehensive.


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