Rafael González Muñoz, “a national dialogue is imposed”

Faced with situations such as those that have occurred in recent times, not only on July 11, but also on November 27, everything that surrounded Decree 49, which since then has been trying to sabotage institutional work, we have analyzed how to that we must have outlets, initiatives and be able to create consensus and pull for the side of the Revolution and the Homeland .

They call these people confused and another series of names that are very debatable because we have known, especially as a result of recent events, that yes, it is true that there was a mass that went out to the street ordered by the North American government, or paid from the United States to do everything they did and commit acts of vandalism, there was also a group of people who were obviously motivated by the event and confused, and there were others with very specific demands, especially to the institutionality, not just cultural , to all the institutions of our country.

These are not new signs, they have been seen for some time here and it is our duty, of the institutions, of the organizations, to attend to all these things with more dynamism, so that they do not reproduce and do not reach, let’s say, higher stages; what happened on July 11 was a regrettable event .

I am one of the people who perfectly understands the dynamics of institutions, I am a staunch defender of the institutionality of Culture , I think it is one of the most brilliant ideas that this country, this Revolution, has had since Dr. Armando Hart and the Commander Fidel Castro put together all this institutional framework.

I am one of the defenders of the organizations of creators, both the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac) and the AHS , but I believe that in both organizations we must look for new mechanisms, new ways to get closer and closer, both to the people we represent and people who interact with our organizations every day.

The AHS statement, referring to the events of July 11, is that we are in favor of all justice and against all violence; This is something we have said over and over again, although I am also one of those who thinks that in the face of a provocation, in the face of a vandalism, in the face of actions such as those that we unfortunately experienced on July 11, I believe that we must act with all the weight of the Constitution and the Law.

For all this, personally I believe that these are very complex moments, moments in which we have to think over and over again about the actions that we must undertake, especially those of us who are in charge of institutions and organizations, and above all work hard in the communities , make the work we do more visible.


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