Lombardy’s Organization Send Humanitarian Aid to #Cuba

The Italian Association of Private Hospitality (AIOP) in Lombardy arranged a shipment with humanitarian aid to Cuba on Monday as the Caribbean country battles the COVID-19 pandemic.

“No one will ever forget the three months in which Cuban healthcare professionals had been at our side to fight the pandemic in its hardest peak,” the regional vice president of the AIOP and president of the organization nationwide, Michele Nicchio said in a statement, recalling the Henry Reeve doctors brigades Cuba sent to Lombardy last year to the red zone, to offer their service for free.

“Lombardy sanitary companies send help to Cuba A donation of sanitary material coordinated by the youth section of the Italian Association of Private Hospitality (AIOP) left today towards #Cuba to help face Covid-19 on the island.”

The official explained that the AIOP’s youth division, alongside the business groups of San Donato, Gheron, and Mantova Salu, “try to restore a little the generosity that the Cuban people showed by sending us their doctors and nurses.”

The international freight company Vector and Neos airline are set to transport the shipment, due to fly on August 23.

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