@DiazCanelB stresses the value of social dialogue for the Cuban Government

The Head of State made these statements during an exchange with students from the University of Havana at the Palace of the Revolution.

Díaz-Canel commended the preparation of the students,  their commitment to take on tasks, and their sensitivity to the problems of others.

He said that the times would be more complex if young people had not joined in their solution, especially in terms of work in the neighborhoods.

Talking to them about the community work they carry out, the President listened to the stories of dozens of students and professors, referring to the delivery of donations collected by their university to confront Covid-19 in different territories of the nation.

The meeting gives continuity to other similar meetings that the Head of State promotes with representatives of different sectors of society to know their opinions and suggestions about various issues of the country’s life.

At present, university students remain involved in agricultural work, work as volunteers in isolation centers for patients with Covid-19 or perform various functions in the communities, such as caring for vulnerable people.


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