Cuban province starts #Covid-19 vaccination of children

The shots of the Soberana 02 vaccine (first day and 28 days later) and a third dose with Soberana Plus will be administered to students in the last grades of different school levels and to those aged 11 to 18, from sixth to eleventh grade.

The vaccines will also be administered to first- and second-year students from technical-professional schools and third- and fourth-year students from pedagogical education, the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, the Art Vocational School (EVA) and the sports initiation schools.

Public health officials said that young people who are not comprised in these ages will also be vaccinated, so they can go to their family doctor’s office to make the necessary arrangements.

Dr. Jose Luis Aparicio, advisor at the Ministry of Public Health, called on health and education authorities to ensure compliance with the protocols; that is, taking the blood pressure and temperature of each student before administering the shot.

He explained that children older than two who have tested positive for Covid-19 either through antigen or real-time PCR tests should be excluded from the vaccination schedule.

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