Cuba’s FM denounces US smothering and subverting policy

‘The US combines a policy of maximum pressure to smother Cuba and a brutal misinformation campaign, with the financing and open promotion of those who lend themselves to its destabilizing agenda of ‘regime change’,’ the foreign minister tweeted.

Rodriguez also shared an issue from Granma newspaper, which reveals the goals of a march called for next November, whose organizers have proven links with subversive organizations or agencies financed by the US Government. On Tuesday, several Cuban municipal authorities denied the authorization to the call, through communiqués that evidenced its illicit purposes and double standards. In its issue,

Granma newspaper, took up Article 45 of the Constitution, and in  that sense, the minister warned that the right to demonstrate cannot be used to subvert the political system, to overthrow the socialist project or to establish alliances with groups and organizations that receive financing from the United States.

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