The United States and sonic attacks: from microwave to crickets

Published on the website BuzzFeed News, which spread high-profile breaking news, the document written by the Jason advisory group on October 1 ruled out the theory by US officials of the causes behind the alleged sonic attacks in 2017.

The elite scientific board argued that it was unlikely that the causes of these incidents were microwave or ultrasound rays, but probably crickets, indeed.

Therefore, the political excuse used by the Trump administration (2017-January, 2021) to tighten the US blockade against Cuba is unfounded again.

At that time, the United States accused Cuba, without any evidence, of an alleged deliberate attack against its diplomatic corps in Havana, which was categorically denied by Cuba right from the start.

Cuban Foreign Minister denied the allegations and said that his country had never perpetrated or would perpetrate attacks against diplomatic officials or their families and had never allowed or would allow that the nation is used by third countries with this purpose.

This false allegation was used by the former Republican president to dismantle the US embassy in the Cuban capital and take more than 240 additional measures, still in force today, to tighten the unilateral blockade against this nation.

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