President of Cuba urges timely treatment in cases of dengue

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel considered timely treatment and the preparation of doctors vital in the fight against dengue in the country.The president alluded, on his Twitter account, to the meeting with Health experts and scientists, in which it was learned that at the end of the 36th week of the year there is transmission of the virus in all the provinces of the country.

The specialist of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí Osvaldo Castro emphasized that it is necessary for all medical and nursing staff to be trained in the clinical management of the disease

Family members, he assured, should have basic knowledge about the symptoms and warning signs of dengue and go promptly to health services.

Castro asserted that the life of a dengue patient is not saved in intensive care, to which ‘we take very complicated patients… they are saved from the first days and primary care and services play an important role in this secondary care, which is responsible for monitoring and evaluating cases’.

Dr. Eric Martinez from the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute explained that this disease entails more risks for children and adolescents than for adults.

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