Elected Miguel Díaz-Canel President of the Republic of Cuba

The deputies to the Cuban Parliament on April 19 re-elected Miguel Díaz-Canel to hold the post of President of the Republic for the next five years, and Salvador Valdés to occupy the vice presidency.

The president of the National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro, pointed out that all of the 462 parliamentarians present at the constitutive session of the X Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power exercised their right to vote.

Of the ballots deposited, she added, 460 were valid and two were left blank, and 97.66 percent of the deputies supported the president’s proposal, while 93.4 percent did so for the vice president.

During the presentation of the candidacies, several deputies supported the proposals and praised the qualities of both leaders.

Among other aspects, the work of the president was recognized, who led the country in the midst of very adverse circumstances, gave priority to collective work, innovation and science.

They also mentioned that the work methods applied, with visits to the territories, dialogue with the population and permanent exchange with representatives of civil society, earned them the respect and affection of the citizens.

On Thursday, the Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed gratitude for all expressions of affection he received after his ratification in office for a five-year term.

In a message on Twitter, the head of State wrote that he was grateful for all congratulations from colleagues, personalities, representatives of Latin American integration organizations and other people in different latitudes over his re-election by the recently installed Parliament on Wednesday.

Diaz-Canel reaffirmed that he will work to maintain the nation’s unity, convinced of the enormous challenges posed by the post entrusted to him by the National People’s Power Assembly.

In his statements to the Cuban people, the president expressed his respect, admiration and immense affection, and ratified that he will serve them ‘with passion, commitment, without reluctance, to the last consequences.’

The presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia, China, and North Korea, and the leaders of Vietnam, ALBA-TCP, among other major world personalities, expressed their satisfaction with the reelection of Diaz-Canel, who celebrating his 63rd birthday on Thursday.(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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