Cuba resumes the production of several health drugs

Cuba’s AICA Laboratories reactivated the production of some drugs despite the complex situation that the industry is ongoing at a national level.

With the arrival of primary packaging and raw materials, the manufacture of some dental anesthetics, whose affectation was one of the main problems in Stomatology rooms, was resumed.

Thiopental, an anesthetics widely used in the country’s operating rooms, is also being manufactured and should ensure uninterrupted productions.

The manufacturing capacity for oncology support therapies has been recovered, which will also be continued in the short term.

According to Granma newspaper, the production capacity of bulbs and lyophilized liquids has been doubled.

In addition, the production of serum, a vital supply for medical assistance in health institutions, was recently resumed.

Once the lids needed to seal the bags were imported, thanks to an agreement with a Chinese company that collaborates with the Cuban industry, two million serums were manufactured and gradually distributed.

At present, the newspaper said, batches of five percent Dextrose and Hemodialysis are being packaged, while for the filling part they are working with Sterile Water bags.

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