Fernando Hechavarria

In 1997, Cubavision channel broadcasted a soap opera directed by Xiomara Blanco, from the original work of Dora Alonso: Rancho Luna or Media Luna. This time was named Tierra Brava and makes you remember listening to a speaker say, in one of the thousands of public events, that for those years, originate from across the country, in response to imperialist threat: enemies do no not think they are going to going to seize our land, our homeland, we are going to fight for country as Nacho Capitan did. So, this character is still in our minds.

Today is Nacho is in front of me. This man with its wide and open smile and his expressive and bright blue eyes and, Fernando Hechavarria, agreed to answer my question.

When did you discover your artistic vocation?

I always love Plastic Arts have always held a particular attraction for me, that is why I started with 12 years to study at the Provincial School Art , EPA of Holguin; this is my first approach to the art.

Tell me about your childhood?

My childhood was very happy and quite; in Holguin

When did you begin to performance? Did you have the opportunity to study?

My performance inclinations were discovered by Rafael Paneca, my Design teacher in the EPA, who favored my entrance test o the National School Art, ENA in 1972 in the performance professorship. During my years of student I had the influence of Raul Eguren and the staff of Soviet teachers in my learning process until the graduation ceremony in 1976.

What is your first media? Tell me about that stage

The theater was my first media; in addition the most I like, despite recurrent incursions in recent years in the media, always feel to return there. The Theater Group Escambray venue for my service, was also my second school, eternally grateful that the consolidation of knowledge, the strengthening of ethical values without which this profession is not worth.

You are essentially a dramatist. Like most, why? I was very impressed by its personification of Caligula. Of the works in which he participates What did you remember?

I really think a man of theater we should see if the theater thinking the same thing. Because it requires a rigorous and ongoing training because each function is a distinct and unique phenomenon, giving as the contact of an incomparable public appreciates the dedication and you do not forgive the deception, you are bound to be every day as rigorous, but not for new and repeat. Really Caligula is a major, an invaluable gift for any actor, now we are talking about working with another theater company “El Publico” under the expert hand of trasgressive and Carlos Diaz, an intimate friend, under whose direction I have done several of the most exciting tittles of universal theater, and frankly could not relinquish any of them, so the most important thing is that I am trying to get out now, but even more, which are to come.

What is the character you miss the most?

I think I need to do everything; I have not done more start, always starts a new project that I notice that I am at the point of departure. I am encouraged but the idea of Rudy Mora gave me the privilege of thinking for my new project, Carlos Diaz has the confidence to leave on my shoulders the weight of his new post, in order that these people I admire that in the future, because I believe in the talent to come, think from time to time in me.

Thanks for the wonderful description of its attached to what I am sure is nothing more than a few faltering steps; on the realization that if you confess, I made an actor, because for me the performance is merely the delivery body and soul into the project I am  involved, and that is something we experiment which each new proposal, it is excusable what they did live, when so much remains to be done, that is history and it should address the other meritorious remember if they feel our way, to my worth as much as the last thing I am doing, I owe that lesson and I thank Eguren my eternal master.

We have said that once you have that is so important the flame angel, I would say especially, to communicate with people and convince with their performance.

It will be very pretentious for me to believe especial, possessor of an angel, but even if you have managed to convince my work, that is enough reward for many hour of sleeplessness, thanks for the deference.

Interview by the author to her book Otros Rostros que se escuchan edited by Letras Cubanas publishing house.



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