The commentary can not be a dead end

Mauro Rodriguez Diaz in his book, Radio Journalism , published by Oriente publishing house, and should be of consultation for those considering the profession, says: “The commentary involves analysis and, in turn, synthesis: analysis of an event or situation , background, background and possible development; synthesis in terms of exposure short, especially if it is radial and easily understandable.

Therefore, the commentary not allow us to digress and required to go to the main point in question, because, well, unlike what some believe could support only one issue, that can be addressed, yes, from different views, do not stray from it and for that the journalist will use its entire arsenal, talk yourself about opinion, assessment, opinion, approach and interpretation.

In recent times it can be read or listen to comments with a tendency to deal in the same work more than one central theme, which brings to wander in various directions, as in a labyrinth without exit, without knowing which path to take and when and how to finish.

There is no doubt, in journalism, news are the first aspect, and this gives room to comment, while there are various kinds of place where the commentary, which can be written in first person, either myself, or we used in the so-called plural of modesty.

Moreover, the commentary is not subject to follow the order of interest, recommended for the note, but should have an attractive principle, consistent development and rational analysis that move the reflection of who hears or reads. 

The commentator

It is essential that the commentator know in depth the issue that is going to talk about t to fall into banal superficialities or criteria that gives nothing and they can distort the truth about the incident.

“The commentator Evelio Tellería Toca as defined in his Journalistic Dictionary, is a journalist of high art, that is, its function is not to seek the news, as the reporter, but to analyze, interpret and arrive at a conclusion.” 

While Martin Vivaldi in his writing course sets a number of conditions for the commentator, including: critical acumen, personality, or firmness, trial conviction, culture, fairness and at the same time it must be severe, polite, bright and bold.


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