Radio, journalism and public relations

If in the process of training of journalists incorporate public relations as a subject of sure success of the profession will be higher. In the early years of last century, Joseph Pulitzer, the famous industrial in the field of information because the U.S. was interested in journalism as a discipline was developed later.

In my opinion the professional practice of journalism must be assumed as a race for life, a work eminently humanistic unquestionable contributions to human betterment, to achieve imposed quality be made by the cultivation of values by word and pen.

Public relations hold on Cuban radio for over fifteen years a clear strategy with practical thinking among broadcasters and media sources that generate content that goes beyond the news. The link with the environment is not a random act or occasionally, in any case the intent accompanying the application of techniques attractive in the world of interpersonal relationships of different groups to achieve results in searches, but to find to bring.

The word professional in the radio should bring elegance to his expression accompanied by physical and spiritual knowledge that will enable dialogue with a minister, a worker, an elderly woman or a child. The journalist has the “white flag” to contact any member of the community; their mission is greater than a simple reporting therefore requires a perfect command of the language.

When no knowledge of public relations in the act of searching for content run the risk of a partial result in arbitrary sometimes upsets the quality of broadcasts.

There are positive labor agreements signed each year at the request of the management of Public Relations of the Cuban Radio with agencies, institutions and companies. It is a practice of all stations, but I know that this procedure is not always used the most by the different compositions that sometimes improvise existing approaches and unknown.

Public relations on the radio and other means must be equal to: approach to new and varied content, enrichment of human relationships, strengthens institutional organization codes able to project its image in the community and overseas. We can not forget that the revolution in new technology makes a smallish station, located in intricate landscapes has a web site and their messages are seen anywhere in the world.

Because of this I venture to assert that the communication efforts of a journalist on the radio is exciting, their training and preparation from the university and within the media themselves must meet some basic requirements. Jose Villasenor Garcia, founder of the career in science and information technologies at the Iberoamerican University (Fernández Christlieb, 1997: 94) wrote about the profile of the graduate degree in communication: “Your mission is to communicate the rich knowledge accumulated in your message using diffusion techniques, public relations, advertising, radio, television, cinema and journalism. Controlling these frightful powers molding, a docile clay contemporary man. “

I read an article by Mexican Octavio Islas from technological institute of Monterrey which defends the work of publicists “some public relations professionals say, not without some irony, that public relations in Mexico as in many Latin American countries, admit to being regarded as a sort of discipline “surreal,” First it is essential to establish what are not, then proceed to define. In recent years, with admirable perseverance of public relations professionals have been responsible for clearing many of the negative stereotypes that dimmed the relevance, professionalism and honesty of his work. ”  

I endorse that view because in journalism, radio and media in general we assume the knowledge of public relations to make our work for human betterment acts capable of transmitting before reaching the wording in front of the fountain, an image to.

If being involved journalists wisdom, humility, ability to meditate and at the same time agile mind, you must join them for the conditions presented to society, conditions that constitute wealth of public relations to promote greater productivity in the generation of content and create stronger links press with institutions.


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