The radio: a communication phenomenon

Journalism uses diverse genres to make effective the act of communication, as a bridge to support or change the content of the news sources in a communication process where several elements such as the sender or source, the message, the medium and the target or recipient take part.

A communication product changes depending on its use. In the radio, for instance, synthesis, immediacy, and repetition are essential.

Even when radio does not broadcast any image, this is not at a disadvantage

against the television, because if it had an image then it wouldn’t be the radio. By providing sound resources becomes a virtue that develops the imagination.

The only media outlet that can communicate even when you have turned your back to it is the radio that allows listener to do anything while listening to it. What the radio receiver conveys is a set of images produced by words, effects, music and silence. 

In order to be coherent, the radio demands an excellent proficiency in the journalistic writing. The reporter has to write clear messages and be reiterative, because reception is not permanent, and sometimes you tune a radio station in the middle of the reading of a news item.

The role of radio in the Internet Age is vital because while websites use still and animated images, the verbal sounds and effects are value added for the Internet users. Radio is an effective complement to the world wide web, when it is correctly used its effect on the individual communication is huge. As much the radio moves away from the television, it comes even closer to the Internet, creating a feedback between both.

Radio journalism is a par excellence communication phenomenon where immediacy is indisputable, and characterized by its daily contact with diverse audiences. If Public Relations are a deliberate, planned and continuous effort, to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its audience, then the radio is an example.

Through this media outlet established in the beginnings of the 20th century, the pundits can analyze trends and foresee social consequences. There is no doubt for sociologists linked to the radio that it is a bridge to assess the behavior of the public, their likes in order to identify the suitable policies and procedures to encourage the lost audience due to the impact of the new technologies.

It is essential in today’s world to employ even more the Public Relations on the radio, in order to bring about a change and foster new attitudes among individuals toward the defense of the values of a nation, the protection of the environment and the betterment of cohabitation at home which will redound to the benefit of the health and the quality of life.

Those who see the public relations as a way to sell more and penetrate markets in the financial order have a reductionist approach of it. Through advertising; the radio communicates many people a particular message, making an influence on their consumption decisions or on their attitudes towards a subject or a specific circumstance.
An adequate social communication plan in a radio station persuades, encourages, and shows the way to groups and individuals in the community. Individual exchanges should be used more between the radio communicator and the radio listener who receives the message in his receive.

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