Casimiro, the farmer on the radio

His program is as popular as the ones by Radio Rebelde. What are the issues addressed by the single farmer on the radio? He talks about the remarkable contribution to the National Soil Conservation and Improvement of the use of non conventional energy inventive such as a plow that I think it has many applications, made a breakthrough discovery in Cuban agricultural mechanization. José Antonio Casimiro, a model farmer who holds the title of Natural Scientific and ensures that agro ecology is the future of Cuban agriculture.

Into the courtyard of his home in Siguaney in the municipality of Taguasco, Sancti Spiritus, we went and interviewed him. The emblematic  Casimiro, is an authentic Cuban man, he recalled: “Nineteen years ago I came to work for the farm but I still live in the town after two years, we had love enough to risk the family lif there permanently. There were many experiences, sacrifices and risks. ”

The work of José Antonio Casimiro and his family transcends national borders, he not only feels and thinks about Cuba, he is also concerned about the world. I think that the productivity of the earth is in our hands. Not saving the earth is like dying every day, that’s the philosophy that Casimiro has defended in dozens of national and international scientific events as well as his lectures delivered in Brazil, Nicaragua and Mexico. His farm is visited each year by representatives of the global agro-ecological.

José Antonio Casimiro realized early on that on earth there is a treasure, but it needs to be cared for. “I talk on the radio about my experiences and the experiences of other farmers, through my program I demand the support of everyone to promote the idea that of family scale agriculture, it can compete if they are prioritized to allow fair agreements to sell products made from milk, butter, yogurt, meat, pickles, vegetables, dried spices, jams, candy, brown sugar, molasses, pasta.

Casimiro has always thought big: “Another aspect to consider is ecotourism paid stay at work, or other means to generate income to these attractive lifestyles and so perhaps not to need certifications or subsidies.”

When in the morning we heard on Radio Sancti Spiritus “Habla Casimiro” we realized that his voice is true to his actions, that shows love for his people and his words are poetry: “To be faithful is to know love, which is an exact formula. And it has to do with the roots, with all the principles that one learns from the same home with the family. The fact of living in peace and fully, gives us the opportunity to lead better lives.

Loyalty is a precious gift that we gave away selflessly to our loved one, our family, the country where we were born or where we live, the land they work. Fidelity means dedication, confidence, joy and truth.

Fidelity also includes emotional maturity and fed every day with actions, attitudes towards life. A wise man said fidelity is a glow in the heart that allows us to achieve inner peace.
Translated by: Daysi Olano

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