CMHW; A Cuban central radio station par excellence

Although distant because of time, those years when workers of this station became champions of the revolution tasks and goals remain among the best memories. They were difficult years but full of fulfillment and satisfaction. That is why it is now considered an emblematic radio station.

This station called “Frecuencia del Azucar” in the 70’s, retains its same style since then, although it has up dated itself and designed programs increasingly attractive, full of information, criticism and opinion, with the participation of the people playing the main role.

One achievement is radio announcing courses given for locals, many of them have been trained since primary level and work today for the station. This great idea gave them the chance to inherit the best of traditional radio, while they provide fresh and renewed ideas.

79th anniversary of CMHW station is a good reason to celebrate due to its dedication, professionalism and mainly personal interest of the staff in favor of the common and social good.

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