Cuban doctors to provide valuable medical services in Brazil

It is a fact that Brazil’s economy is among the top ten of the world, and also that it is in fact a developing nation that still shows marked social inequalities.

During his two terms in office, ex president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva was able to bring down the poverty index, an achievement that his successor Dilma Rousseff is now trying continue to bring it still to lower levels.

As it was clearly shown during the recent popular protests, the brazilians are still demaning other improvements in the services like health care and education, something about which the Workers Party presently in power and President Rouseff are fully aware.

The presence in Brazil of Cuban doctors most be seen as an important contribution to develop the health care services in remote regions of the very large South American Nation, that are usually among the poorest areas of Brazil.

It was learned that the positions that Cuban physicians will be going to are the ones that could not be covered by Brazil’s doctors, who essentially were not interested in them, because only one thousand applied for those positions.

The government of Brazil is fully committed to provide those health care services where they are needed, and for that reason requested the cooperation of foreign doctors of different nationalities, among which the cubans are included.

Cuban medical professionals form part of a collective contract that was organized with the participation of the Pan American Health Organization, the regional agency of the United Nations World Health Organization.PAHO, as it is known is fully aware of the path of Cuban health care personnel providing their services to many other nations around the world.

Brazil will be implementing its Mais Medicos , More Doctors, national program with health care professionals among which the Cubans are well known for their know how , human values and ethics.

A first step of the Mais Medicos program will be familiarizing the Cuban and other nation’s participants with the characteristics of the Brazilian health care system and with the portuguese language spoken in that country.

A press release by the Cuban Public Health Minister underscored that the participants in that project will be working with the readiness of providing services wherever they are needed, something they have done in 58  nations around the world for half a century.

Exporting services of different kinds is one of the most important souces of foreign currency income to the Cuban economy , that is possible because of the prestige achieved by Cuban professionals that have already been recognized by the peoples and governments of the countries where they have worked.

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