The struggle for the Cuba Five: Cuban people await them with yellow ribbons

Last September 12 Cuba wore yellow ribbons .The color becomes the symbol of hope. That day was reaffirmed committed attitude in each. There were no limits, and exclusions. Marti’s ideas were present; no voice is weak to pay tribute, to seek justice, and freedom.

Four , we are told, but we call them : Five , we cannot exclude Rene Gonzalez who played an unjust sentence of nearly 15 years, now lives surrendered to the struggle for the four missing , wrestling , which is already long and continue as they are in jail. René’s request through television, radio, print media and peer to peer has permeated Cuban hearts.

We heard this morning when he talked in El Monte de las Banderas , and also at night in the Anti-imperialist , told the world that :

“Four sons of this land are languishing in U.S. prisons for the crime of defending human life. For protect our right to peace and existence. Their voices reach us today from their holes and they will hate and rancor free. We will bring the joy of life that made them take this sacrifice in the first instance. We remember their spirits cannot be broken by all the bitterness that the most powerful government in human history has been dropped on them. They are punished so viciously because; to paraphrase a poet – emit light to his accusers is unbearable”.

We asked for the Giant actions of the Seven Leagues stop its hatred, implacable hatred, unfair, as José Martí said: those who envy the superiority of spirit and generosity of the heart does not possess. It is petty hatred to everything generous.

”The yellow ribbon is a symbol of peace and love ,” said one student in the district of Cayo Hueso in Havana , who heard the explanation of the Hero broadcast on Cuban television on the beautiful love story and origin of the song ‘s return . A romantic event, which emerged in the American people the past century, the story of the young man after prison found, not one, if not a hundred yellow ribbons hung on a tree, a sign of solidarity of the friends that joined beloved bride, asking for his freedom. He added.

That day we see the identification of young and old people, adults, children and residents of other countries who gathered the forefront in demanding the return of the four Cuban heroes.  One of them is very sick: Ramon Labañino. U.S people will not allow forgetting the request made by his daughter Laura Labañino to his ailing father is treated properly or released from prison before becoming invalid.

The clamor was also made from the site dedicated to the image of the young José Martí in La Fragua Martiana site, before the bronze statue, which portrays the prisoner 113, by the sculptor José Villa, located in the scene where the National Hero of Cuba, Political Imprisonment fulfilled, which he described as a hell, worse than the one narrated by Dante Aleghieri in his work. It is the place where young children suffered at seeing and doing as he aged, forced labor. He was a victim of hate and ignorance to be convicted and sent to prison unfairly by the Spanish Government on April 5, 1870. That same year he had turned 17.

There in front of the monument, Marti Club was constituted by the release of the Five, composed of all generations and chaired by journalist Wilber Rodríguez .

They were honored as members of the Five Heroes of the Republic of Cuba: Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and Rene Gonzalez, who was also elected President of Honor.

In founding this club was exalted the monument to Marti, and the University of Havana, which since 1962 is in the care of historic site that keeps the eternal memory of facts relating to our freedom fighters and anti-imperialism, from José Martí, Generation Centennial, until the present day.

This important front in defense of the Cuban Five also raises the Cayo Hueso neighborhood, whose residents, in the municipality of Centro Habana are natural guardians National Monument who has the privilege of owning this heritage in its territory loved.

The event was chaired by Dr. Armando Hart, a member of the Party Central Committee and director of the Martí Program Office. Were present Fighters of the Revolution , including Dr. John Nuiry and Hector Rodriguez ; pioneers and teachers from various schools of the town , students and collaborators Senior Classroom , students and academics , journalists , historians, specialists and workers center , writers and artists .

On behalf of the residents of Cayo Hueso talked the students, especially to the antiterrorist hero. He congratulated and embraced them. He took lessons in ethics in their interventions. We envision the virtues that should be transmitted to new generations during the brief exchange where flourished the values that make our people strong.

That day, as always, by his side, was present Olga Salanueva , his wife , fighter for the freedom of the Cuban Five , also was the beloved Mirta Rodriguez , mother of Antonio Guerrero and Graciela Ramirez coordinator of the Committee for Solidarity with the Cuban Five .

Do not lose hope. No more suffering, said an old Cayo Hueso, asked the President of the United States see Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and Rene Gonzalez in Cuba together with their families. Their people await them with yellow ribbons multiplied by the world.


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