The mystery of Radio Encyclopedia not only in the number seven

I remember another driver said : “Two weeks ago my mother died and now have played three times the song Eternal Love by Mexican singer Juan Gabriel ” .
I know of people who open their eyes to the warmth of greeting, “Hola Aurora” and others who sleep and dream instrumental sounds and invisible lips at night when approaching ” La ultima hora del dia ” .

Some enjoy, as if they fell on our little minds ” Gotas del saber” , the universal scientific events in the most pleasant , subtle and melodic , while some people expected a lonely away in the perfect morning “Intimidad del silencio”.

I found Radio Enciclopedia amplified through a park in the center of Cuba or keeping company with some guys that did their duty student at a university in eastern Cuba. And is that any Cuban station so perfectly fits their slogan as this promises to be “For every moment of life.”

It’s really a pleasure to the ear there friendly and warm sound of pianos , saxophones , and guitars , which is well accompanied by short texts on culture , science , environment , sexuality and relationships, make this radio station , a symphony Invisible , who seduces environments and more intimate occasions of life.

A song speaks of the seven days of the week, they needed to form the earth . Seven are the planet’s oceans , the Hindu chakras , the body’s energy points , the wonders of the world, the deadly sins , the dwarfs in Snow White , the cat lives , the colors of the rainbow and the floors to get Radio Encyclopedia .
Looks inherit in time, the same mysteries the seventh number and sweetness to transmit its ivory walls . Congratulations to all the directors, program directors , directors , writers , journalists and all those who allow this station signal radial furrow Cuba ether every day.

From the Cuban Radio encouragement to move forward and continue in the beautiful and hard work of transmitting culture to all people, on this birthday 51 . The sincere hug and timely delivery many years, by feeding dreams and create fantasy in the mind and feelings of all Cubans.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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