Mandela forever

Nelson Mandela is dead. The progressive humanity cries. He stopped thinking about the most brilliant thinker and fighter of Black Africa. The man who devoted a lifetime to the fight against the shameful and disgusting Apartheid regime for decades imposed on the black majority in South Africa.

I remember from my childhood read and heard complaints against the cruel status, oblivious to all logic, and too much, taxes descendants of colonizing foreign forces . South Africa as an independent nation was out, but his aberrant system remained a copy of a colonialism that amounted to injustice extreme savagery.

Much of the world was denounced as silence or inaction of the great powers of the West, with timid statements, denoted a cowardly complicity.

Nelson Mandela suffered more than two decades in prison for defending the right of the black majority of its people to live in freedom and decency. Review the history of his country makes us understand the cause for which our worked selflessly in the struggle against apartheid during the years of support to the Angolan people.

It was a way of repaying the historic debt of all mankind with the noble and long-suffering African people and all the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa who were torn from their families to be brought as slaves to our then also slaves lands of America.

The descendants of Bantu, Yoruba, lucumíes and many other African ethnic groups fought arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder as part of Rebel Army for the independence of Cuba. These descendants, like us, we proudly belong to one race: we are Cubans and extension members of the human race regardless of color, creed or any other condition.

Mandela’s ancestors got to our brothers who are today, which is why Mandela has been and will always be our brother’s soul also. It is more than deep enough to feel the pain of his farewell reason.

Honor honor – to paraphrase our Apostle Jose Marti – that devoted his life to a just and noble ideal, at the cost of delivering your youth and lose much of their health for the sake of his people.

Mandela was the first President of apartheid South Africa, united, reconciled and free with room even for the white minority. An example of nobility and grandeur, love a lesson to be learned in many latitudes where the scourge of war begets hatred and death.

The friend Nelson Mandela, the bother Madiba, as he calls her clan ceases to exist physically to start to live eternally in the greatness of his example and his devotion to the beautiful cause that he devoted his entire existence.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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