The imperial objectives do not change, but the methods themselves

Undoubtedly, the Russian leader spoke a great truth that is well known in U.S. history. Just by looking at the actual meaning of phrases uttered along U.S. history such as “America for the Americans “, “ripe fruit “, “manifest destiny “or “big stick,” we will notice they all denote arrogance and are, in fact, an insult to the nations.

Now they have come up with another wicked idea, the so-called Non-conventional War, which, as it has been reported in the Cuban media, they have been using since mid-20th century, and whose main goal is “to exploit the psychological, economic, military and political vulnerabilities of the adversary country.” This goal is now recorded in the Training Circular 18-01that describes the seven progressive stages or phases of development.

Of these stages, I would like to look a little closer to the first one, called preparation, which seeks to bring the population together against the government and to bring the population to accept the support of the United States, a phase that, together with the role of the mass media, largely determines the great importance naturally granted to this stage when it comes to undermining the sovereignty and governability of another country.

In this regard, it seems appropriate to outline two old techniques of manipulation of the public opinion commonly used by the mass media both from the U.S. and from other countries of the so-called first world in this so-called non-conventional war.

Let’s see: the first one is to use the emotional aspect rather than reflection. This is a classic technique to “short circuit” rational analysis, and therefore the critical sense of individuals. The use of the emotional register allows unconscious access to implant or insert ideas, desires, fears, or induce behaviors. In other words, extreme emotions and other sentimental boundaries are pushed to cloud logical reasoning and inhibit the recipient of the message from fully understanding the real reason of the events.

Another manipulation technique is to create problems and then offer solutions. This method is also known as problem-reaction- solution. First, a problem is created to provoke a reaction from the public, with the ultimate goal of making them demand the measures they actually wished to impose.

The events taking place in the sister nation of Venezuela are a clear example of this: they try to distort the reality of this country and to this end, they talk of crisis, disrespect for human rights, that the president is a populist, that there is no food, that there Is a regime in Venezuela that disrespects human rights and democracy and all kinds of fabrications to create “the problem,” so the forces of the opposition and the United States can provide a solution (which we already know what it is) .

I think that, by now, the media, which is an unquestionable element of the Non-conventional War, no longer fools anyone, much less to those who handle a minimum of information . We have already looked into the real purposes of the empire: yesterday it would use gunboats; today, it uses more sophisticated and malevolent ways, but the essence and goal is the same: to dominate, conquer, steal, and seize because that is what the “divine” has ordered to do. Thus, we must continue to denounce the common enemy over and over because, as our National Hero Jose Marti said: “The evil do not succeed unless the good are indifferent.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano
Revised by ESTI


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