Radio Marti and its venomous intentions

The funny thing is that it has done it with total and absolute impunity in the face of its imperial masters who, of course, put it into this world. Where is it based? In Miami, a city that holds the sad role of host to mafias, terrorists, torturers and all sorts of paid criminals with the exception, of course, of the honest people who live in that city . Obviously, so far I have not mentioned anything new for most of the world, but maybe, for the younger generations who will find useful to know a little proof  of their poisonous messages. Read carefully.

It has been reported that Cuba reached May 3, the World Day of Press Freedom, in a terrible situation, according to Reporters Without Borders, an NGO that claims to uphold freedom of expression, but in fact has been linked to attacks leftist governments such as Venezuela and Cuba since its inception; while it says absolutely nothing about the war crimes committed by the Western “democracy,” nor it speaks about the many journalists that the U.S government hire to demonize legitimate governments in order to destabilize them.

As incredible as it may seem, the station profusely broadcasts that the United States lists the Cuban government, together with Iran, Sudan and Syria as countries that sponsor terrorism, adding that our Island has “a long history of being a terrorist haven.” And they claim all this without providing a single proof. And  a lot of questions run across the mind: this is claimed by the country of wars, the one that historically has given, and continues to, give shelter to international terrorists such as Posada Carriles? Which is the country that has long given shelter to torturers, gangsters, corrupt presidents and the like?, and which is the judicial system capable of viciously punishing men who fought terrorism?

Other of its messages is based on an assessment of 132 countries published by an institution called Social Progress Interactive, in which Cuba and Venezuela appear at the bottom of a ranking of countries based on respect to the human rights. Of course, southern nations sit at the bottom, while the top is taken by the U.S., France, Spain and other northern countries. Naturally, such claims do not even deserve to be elaborated on because it takes a lot of audacity to make such claims.

And last but not least, there is another example that has no suitable word to describe it, and I won’t use the ones that suit out of respect to our readers. Anyone in their right mind, with a minimum of decency and love for the Cuban homeland, must be outraged to learn that in Miami, one of the many right-wing parties, called Cuban American Integration Party, has launched a proposal to decide “if Cuba should become a freely associated with the United States or simply another state of the American Union.” It seems unrealistic at this point, however; it is as truthful as the sun, so do not be surprised.

Now comes to mind the words of that great man of this human kind called José Martí, when he said: “the peoples of America are freer and more prosperous the further they are from the United States.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

Revised by ESTI

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