Is Chavism a Political Current?

“This, far from being a phenomenon unique in Latin America, was also seen in other regions such as in India, after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, and despite that the huge leadership of the social movement which they led around the Congress, ” he said.

Italian Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci, in his postulates said that “there will always be a new historic bloc that will last well beyond the life of the founder of the movement.”

Looking for more views on the subject, we turn to the Venezuelan Doctor Onesimo Martinez, captain of the reserves in Venezuela, who valued exclusively for the Portal of the Cuban Radio the influence of Chavez in the current context of their country.

“Hugo Chavez was one of the greatest men in America and the world. He left a deep sense of nationalism and love for the Patria Grande and its principles are a consequence of the ideology of the Liberator Simon Bolivar.”

”When Chavez burst into the Venezuelan political scene, we did not know the magnitude of this man. And now no one knows how far it will reach its impact as a political leader and as a revolutionary of a respectable political era.”

”I have studied the development of Latin American and Caribbean social movements after World War II (1939-45) and the Bolivarian revolution led by Chavez has had much popular support because he did not use a stylized language, he did not attend speech courses in foreign countries, he used the words the Venezuelans used every day.”

We are heirs of a revolutionary position and Venezuela has always led independence movements on the continent.

Let’s bear in mind that when the Spanish Empire took possession here, then the inhabitants of this part of the world organized to fight for independence. Bolívar died young, he was only 47 years old. However, the vast territories that our Liberators freed cannot be ignored.”

Later came the general Ezequiel Zamora (1817-1869) who served mainly in the plains. I am also a burrowing like Chavez was. Do not forget that most of the revolutionaries in Venezuela come from the plains.”

What do you think is the fundamental legacy of President Chavez?

“When you love President Chavez, and I loved him, they are all good memories. For me there is nothing that cannot be pleasantly remembered”

Translated by Daysi Olano

Revised by ESTI

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