Conferred National Radio Award 2014

Orlando Luis Pantoja. Oustanding journalist in the province of Villa Clara with more than 50 years in the practice of critical journalism. He has left his mark on several radio stations such as Radio Encyclopedia, Radio Cadena Agramonte in Camaguey and Radio Progreso, where he founded the news programs “A Primera Hora”. On Radio Rebelde directed the program “Hablando Claro.” His program “Pido la la Palabra the Word” with the daily emission from his native CMHW Villa Clara is a paradigm of analysis and opinion journalism.

Journalist Luis Orlando Pantoja met internationalist mission in the People’s Republic of Angola where he established an information system for soldiers scattered in the region of Cunene.

He has trained generations of journalists in radio and at the Ignacio Agramonte University of Camaguey.

For his outstanding work he received numerous awards UNEAC, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, FMC, CDR, CTC, José Martí Cultural Society, the ICRT and the Cuban Radio. Recently he won the National Award for Journalism Competition José Martí granting the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC).

Enrique Sosa Dominguez. Professor and Director of Radio programs. He is also so a specialist in radio production and radio work table, invaluable support to program managers. Throughout his prolific work has been devoted to detecting and promoting new talent.

He is graduated in theatrical production from the Higher Institute of Art; he became a teacher of writers, and advisers. Currently he works 20 years in FAMCA. His detailed, diligent and faultless work system dramaturgically it a reference in the radio advisory.

His professional criteria is known and recognized as measured, analytical, comprehensive and expert, which has belonged and contributed for decades to advisory, artistic and advisory groups in both novels, short stories, theater, historical programs, special memorial and testimonial tips, etc.

He is founder of the program “Clave 8.30” of Radio Progreso, a task for which he has been multiawarded.

He holds numerous awards at festivals National Radio, Caracol UNEAC Contests and recognition of the FMC, CDR., UNEAC, National Union of Culture, ICRT, and Cuban Radio.

The radio announcer Enrique Sosa Dominguez was recognized in 2012 with the Merit Fitness Artist of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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