The Gaza Strip and its Tragedy

“I do believe that population is on the verge of a disaster and I call the international community to take the necessary measures to face that extreme situation.” Pierre Krahenbuhi declared through a video conference from Gaza.

With some 220.0000 Palestinians in the UN facilities in Gaza, the life conditions in those shelters are gradually much extreme.

“Thousand of female refugees are pregnant in our schools and I call all the involved parts to respect the inviolability of those UN facilities.” Pierre Krahenbuhi commented.

In addition, Pierre Krahenbuhi called for an immediate cease fire without conditions and also demanded the lift of the illegal blockade against the Gaza Strip to avoid that place to become an inhabitable one, a few years ahead.

Pierre Krahenbuhi reiterated his firm condemnation about the military attack against a school of the United Nation in the Gaza Strip, and demanded a transparent investigation to be carried out by the Israeli government.

Valerie Amos, who is also the chief of the humanitarian operations of the United Nation, demanded new and daily humanitarian truces before the Security Council which could be foreseeable and long enough to allow helping the population from the Gaza Strip, while it is expecting an eventual cease fire.

“The war is also ruled by rules; however the current reality in Gaza is the fact that any human right is guaranteed and up to 103 United Nations facilities had been stricken by the attacks carried out since the beginning of the armed conflict.” Valerie Amos highlighted.

The 15 nations which are members of the Security Council continued carrying out close-door talks.

The humanitarian disaster

The President of the National Palestinian Authority (ANP), Mahmud Abas, has declared the Gaza Strip as a humanitarian-disaster area and has urged the international community to protect and providing humanitarian aid for the devastated region as a consequence of the Israeli military offensive.

In a letter sent to the general secretary of the United Nation, Ban-Ki-moon, the Palestinian leader accuses Israel of committing war crimes and urges the United Nation to put pressure on the international institutions in order to send the humanitarian aid of emergency to the Gaza Strip.

As it was written on that document, “Israel, which is the occupying power, continues using the false self defense pretext to justify its criminal campaign against the Palestinian people.”

Mahmud Abas talks to the UN leader through a personal tone which shows a feeling of urgency so that the UN leader could carry out his authority by putting pressure on other nations from the international community to provide aid and basic food for the citizens from the Gaza Strip, as well as humanitarian corridors to facilitate that aid.

The United Nation accuses Israel of having Committed War Crimes

The United Nation High Commissioner for the Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has accused Israel of war crimes for attacking hospitals, schools, electric stations and all which could be essential to live in Gaza, and she has recalled its obligation as an occupying military force in relation to provide all the basic services and rights.

“Attacking hospitals violates the international law, the fourth convention from Geneva and it is regarded as a war crime, besides, Israel has the obligation to offer medical assistance as an occupying force.” Navi Pillay has affirmed at a Press conference.

“There are 250.000 refugees in schools of the UNRWA. Moreover, the agency from the United Nation for the Palestinian refugees that had informed its address, had warned up to 17 times the Israeli authorities about that fact, including the exact locations of those schools, however, the Israeli government ignored that information and bombarded one of them, again.” Navi Pillay added.

Navi Pillay has recalled that Israel has gone beyond this time than in previous military offensives when it destroyed the local power station that supplies Gaza with electricity which will make absolutely precarious its inhabitant’s life conditions once the Israeli military offensive has concluded.
Israel announces the continuity of its military attacks

Far from a cease-fire agreement as such, the Israeli head of state, Netanyahu, has warned that Israel would not stop its military offensive until it could be found a response to the issue of the tunnels that crosses from the Gaza Strip to Israel.

“We are determined to complete our military mission with a cease fire or simply not.” Netanyahu stated at a Press conference in Tel Aviv, along with the Israeli Defense Minister, Moshé Yaalón and the Israeli Chief of Army, Beny Gantz, shortly after of a meeting by the Council of Ministries.

Netanyahu defends the military operation under the pretext about the risk that represents both the rockets and the subterraneous tunnels of Hamas for the safety of the Israeli people.

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