Paris Climate Change Summit Still Has Number of Issues to Resolve

In principle, everything must be agreed on by today, but negotiators have now decided to continue meeting into the weekend. The final document is still far from being ready and no one knows if the final result will be a pact, an agreement or a simple final statement with vague goals of doubtful implementation.

Before the meeting, much was discussed about the need to reach mandatory decisions of compulsory fulfillment and verification in the field of the emission of greenhouse gases to keep the temperature at not more than one and a half degrees centigrade above the preindustrial era, a goal towards which several measures would have had to be adopted long ago.

According to specialists, when this year comes to an end the global temperature will have increased one degree centigrade, and by now the warming process is irreversible.

The only alternative left to the peoples of the world is to control global warming in order to avoid further negative consequences for our planet — our common home–, which includes us, the human species, our accompanying animal species and the plants, both of whom in one way or another are indispensable for our survival.

Cuba and many third world nations, striving to achieve their economic and social development, are insisting on the need to forge a global responsibility, but on a different scale.

This means that the industrial nations, responsible for most of the environmental deterioration must assume the heaviest load, lowering the contaminant production as well as assuming responsibility for financing the restoration of the damages caused to underdeveloped nations because of climate change.

Little time is left to achieve a positive turn of events at the Paris Conference.

The world will soon know if the political will to save humankind from climatic disaster remained above the interests of the big powers and the huge transnational corporations, all of whom are now in the eye of the storm.


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