I prefer to look at the world through the radio

“Maybe by chance, but also with much effort. The radio came to me as something unexpected. Admired much as a communication and maybe that’s why I inserted in it when, thanks to a research task, I chose and ended up catching me up today, “Enrique began counting whenever the phone is permitted, because it does not stop ringing for two hours of , because nobody wanted to stop congratulating  for being National Radio Award 2014.

A passion for literature and theater also accompany this radio announcer. “Every week I read my three books for pleasure or business, regardless of its thickness, not confuse the characters and can, in unison, listen to the radio,” he said while I deduced the reason for the more than one thousand copies under his power.

Thanks to an invitation from excellent radio actress Marta Jimenez Oropesa, Enrique Dominguez agreed to stay on the Radio completed his period of professional practice as a Certified Public Accountant. At that time, decided to spin your way around the art and professionally redesigned to serve as program producer, what preceded his work as a consultant, where he currently serves.

“After many years in the profession recognize that there are many requirements and values that should have radial advisers if they want to reach the public communication products with proven quality spaces. This radio adviser has to find the works in order to plan, review scripts, must be skilled in drama, and seek to know all information about the subject or the novel being analyzed for transport back to the writer with as much data as possible, “he claimed.

“In my early days as radio adviser I started working in the radio version of” 17 Moments of Spring “and it consulted 28 books, which allowed me to also director and writer of the play,” he recalled.

He was always passionate about the detective serials; hence Clave ocho treinta is one of the programs to which Enrique dramatized most appreciates your participation. “For next year the program will turn 40 years of airing and thus remember those early days where issues of espionage and police joined a group of filmmakers who were given the task of carrying up to today, in a program I cannot stop listening and which, in each day, brings me many satisfactions as a professional. “

Enrique Sosa Dominguez has many awards for his radio career, looking forward to be National Award and finally succeeded. But above all else, value their relationship and responsibility to the audience as one of the main tasks that has given him life, “because over the years I have realized that people follow a plot, a character, a story and … in many cases like me, you prefer to look at the world through the radio, “he said.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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