Caracol 2014 in pursuit of excellence from the audiovisual

The universality of the current Cuban cinema, and act on the radio and the complexity of the music, are some of the issues that will occupy the first day of this scientific meeting.

The influence of film on TV and vice versa, The art of journalism in the media and arts education, will take part in the second day, during which will be presented on the night longest book by journalist and Santiago writer Reynaldo Cedeno text as shown the most diverse experiences related to Hurricane Sandy passage of by Santiago de Cuba.

¿Como ve nuestro cine actual la realidad inmediata de Cuba? , El drama de los dramatizados  en la radio and ¿Direccion de arte en TV?, are the theoretical proposals selected for the final day of the Caracol Theoretical Event 2014, on which occasion will honor two great directors of Cuban Television and Radio, Jesus Cabrera (Chucho) and the National Radio Award 2014 Ernesto Dominguez and  will be presented the Collateral Awards of the contest likewise the awards to the specialties.

The interesting and refreshing proposals for November 12th, 13th and 14th, where the approaches unforgettable film, radio and television found in the 2014 Caracol, ripe for the meeting with the theory and research stage.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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