Curve Havana documentary about baseball and the blockade

“To Mica, a 13-year-old baseball is not just his favorite sport is the way to” tikkun olam “, the obligation of a Jew to help” fix the world. “

Havana curve follows the difficult path of this young fearless in their efforts to send children baseball team in Cuba-in thanks to the nation that saved his grandfather during World War II.
While preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, Hebrew ceremonial initiation, and collecting baseball team, he encounters an obstacle: the US blockade against Cuba.

It is a charming story of awakening to maturity revealing big and complicated than the adult world can be.

This is the synopsis of Havana Curveball, whose filmmakers, Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider of Patchworks Films since 1994 exploring “contemporary social issues through intimate stories of characters.

His films have been screened on public television, film festivals, museums, community centers, libraries, universities and schools worldwide.

Everything in the film is a commitment to friendship, and a new challenge posed to those living art block the natural and transparent exchange between the peoples of the United States and Cuba, from history itself to the confluence of prominent figures two countries in the production staff .
Ken kindly agreed to answer questions CubaSí digital site on Curve Havana: Whither, what has been proposed with this film?

“We hope our film will help change US relations with Cuba. The documentary can inspire teens to turn their passions into action. We have had many projections in the US, and we have many more planned, after which participate in discussions and events that encourage young people to pursue their own projects. “

What is attractive for a filmmaker who has found space on important and diverse circuits of film promotion participate in the Havana Film Festival?

“The Havana Film Festival is one of the most important festivals in Latin America. It has a long history, and it is an honor for us that our first Latin American projection is in Havana. The Cuban people, the ICAIC, and our Cuban team are excellent. I am very excited that we display Friday. Hope to see
you “.
Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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