Gema Hernandez Perez, fruit of an endless love

Again sure I got this January 6 with images of Gerardo, anchored in those first hours of awe and tenderness. His little gem in the lap of Adriana, and whisper words, these many times from a distance come as still water, allowed to hear after 12 years of memorable letter:

“I cling to the idea that you will come and be in the delivery without passing out and will give birth together for our children, and we will agree to take turns at dawn when the baby cries. You will draw and will invent stories, and we all sing nursery rhymes that I did not learn, and I will teach you to play ball, because I have more courage than you. I love you, and we will succeed. You will not leave me alone anymore, because in these terrible years has been away, but not absent. “

Only the heart knows why both persist in nostalgia and pain not beat. Gema Hernández Pérez was born to break the silence broken, so the home is full of details: the full string, towels smelling boiling, well served the table, the morning coffee, and the favorite pudding.

A not insignificant part of this world rejoices much life. It was a pregnancy by assisted reproduction: “We had to do it by remote control,” Gerardo said jocularity that will not quit, even in the most difficult times of the “hole” in the anguish of knowing sentenced to two life sentences plus fifteen years imprisonment.

Come the years becoming playful Gema stir the corners of the house of Gerardo Hernandez and Adriana Pérez. Come the years, but never loneliness goes around that home for more than three decades. Gema came to confirm that hope always will.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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