Guantanamo: Another NO to Foreign Military Bases

Previously the province will the venue of the meeting of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples, coinciding with the finishing of several social works in the city, said Rep Nancy Acosta Hernandez, president of the Provincial People’s Power during a preparatory meeting.

Ana Teresa Naples, Provincial Delegate of the Cuban Friendship Institute, said the Mariana Grajales Revolution Square will host the main activities, although the program also includes visits to some Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, sites of cultural interest and a tour to Caimanera town, where the final statement will be made public.

Likewise, these biennial events consolidate the objectives of Latin America and the Caribbean as a region of peace, and strengthen the expressions of solidarity with Cuba in its legitimate claim against the economic, financial and commercial blockade.

In previous events the Brazilian Maria Do Socorro Gomez, president of the World Peace Council, reiterated that there is no other place as emblematic as Guantanamo to talk about foreign military bases, for the permanence of an American enclave in the Cuban territory since 1903 against the people’s will.

Translated by Ilia Charon.


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