Cuban science in the radio programming

Above all, keep in mind that the Programming Schedule of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) guiding document that governs both mass media, explicitly draws the science theme prioritized and excel in their treatment precisely the science of our country.

This is implemented in practice through the large presence of scientific theme in the programming of our stations across different spaces (programs and sections) with different intentions of recipients (general, adolescents, farmers, etc.), that allows the transmit messages to different audiences on this specialized topic

Many listeners have access to scientific information because in many cases, it is part of the profile of news magazines, youth programs, adolescent, and other broad audience.

As there is space science and technology theme stations of varying scope or level – national, provincial and municipal – can treat differently this topic of particular interest and utility, to coexist in the radio spectrum emphasis on aspects of national importance, provincial and municipal, and especially in provinces and municipalities issuing the adequacy of the messages of this specialty in the interests of their territories.

Notable value assumed in this case the Forum of Science and Technology, event issues from the local to the national, which in turn are in the programming of Radio an effective reflection.

Leading to the radio this issue requires close and constant association with figures and entities that collaborate closely with the environment and this is reflected in various aspects such as the presence of scientists at the microphone, the relationship between the issuer and schools, science centers, National Association for Innovation (ANIR) Youth Technical Brigades (BTJ), Circles of Interest, etc.

These links ensure a sufficient amount of content, allowing the stability of these programs and sections that fulfill a social function invaluable in promoting results, achievements and scientific methods that contribute to the development of agriculture, industry, forestry, among other economic sectors, social science, teaching, etc.

Information on science in radio as well as raise awareness of the role of science and scientists in Cuba and the world in socioeconomic development, contributing to our public listeners expand scientific culture.

Corresponds to groups of these spaces permanently strive to achieve a high level both the importance of the selected thematic content as with regard to artistic technical embodiment, a process where the quality of the script takes a role of singular importance and where necessary consider – in the case of sections – elements such as insertion harmonic context of a news magazine, or a program aimed at teenagers or young.

It is necessary to ensure that the scientific technical topic in our radio also prove interesting, entertaining, capable of capturing the interest of large segments of audience, which is vital preparation and knowledge of consultants, program managers, drivers, etc.

It is important to evaluate the feedback, so you letters, phone calls, surveys, polls, radio debates are effective mechanisms to contribute to the development of these proposals and the topic in general in the Cuban Radio.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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