Radio and identity

In the field of organizational culture, trademarks and logos are the best known overarching global expression. Its establishment is not a voluntarism fact, fortuitous or capricious, but the result of thoughtful correspondence exists between them, the institutional mission and its internal and external relationship.

On the radio we – except the current possibilities of Internet – with one channel for broadcast communication products. However, from the point of view of this form of expression, as its links with other entities and individuals, circumstances warrant adoption of visuals and sounds that highlight the nature, mission and goals of each radio station.

In the specific case of our Cuban Radio, there are good examples of how the noise level corporate identity of each radio station appears. For example, Radio Rebelde has the slogan “Rebelde, the station of the Revolution”; Radio Progreso, “The station of the Cuban Family”; CMHW in Santa Clara, “W, la Reina Radial del Centro”; Radio Ciudad del Mar, “A breeze in your Dial”. In these cases and others cited expresses what we define as a brand name – institutionally speaking – each radio station. So far so good.

The situation is complicated – and chage the name – when programs try to create isolated within their own slogans or slogans, making it outside the general identity own radio stations where they are from. It is true that a program put in place its own brand name from the main objective which gives it its reason for being; I do not think what is lawful ignore the brand name – motto station identification – and will be replaced by a different whim.

Do not forget that between programs and programming is essential to the existence of a link or systemic relationship where – without loss of the seal of each program made manifest She belonging to a whole.

In another aspect, the slogan commonly accepted in a station should appear – forever! – In your logo; that and only that, invariably. Since its sign or external lighting, which should never ignore their radial acronym conferred by the authorities of Communication, next to the name of the radio station itself and the slogan that identifies it?

The graphic expression decade radio demands a sound institution equivalent translation. To do this, when you create them, it is important to consider, along with the mission and purpose, a harmonic grammatical construction with the right sound for your listening intellection.

In matters of radio identity, both in content and in form, there is no room for ambiguity; much less to slogans or slogans – perhaps without its claim – try to supplant in the imposture which identifies all as to the parties.
Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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