Miami: unhealthy city

Ivonne Gomez, Nuevo Herald journalist, said many in the US wanted healthy start in 2015. However, he added wryly, apparently residents in South Florida will have to double the effort to achieve.

The Better Doctor site, which reported the aforementioned survey, specializes in trying to locate well-qualified in different specialties medical profession.

The problematic level of health for many in Miami was determined by 3 factors; First, the physical condition of the residents, secondly, access to health care and a policy of this kind. In all three cases, noted Dr. Divya Raghavan, from the website Better Doctor, Miami earned a failing grade.

According Ivonne Gomez said Nuevo Herald reporter, medical insurance in Miami are lower than in other major cities. More precisely, points out that, according to the study, there one in four people have not protected your health.

For something to the American magazine Forbes has opined that Miami is one of the worst cities in America to live. The well-known film Miami Vice, on drug trafficking, and the novel El Ocaso, The Sunset, among other works, bear this out.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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