Cuban people loves Benny More

To the tomb of King of Rhythm, in the municipal cemetery of the town, came the pilgrimage made by friends, family, and lovers of music that it immortalized.

A small group in the local cemetery receives, in addition to the thousands of people that make up this pilgrimage twice a year, in February and August, hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists interested in knowing the resting place of one of the largest in the musical pentagram of Cuba.

Ivon Escobedo, administrator of the cemetery, said that many come to the grave, declared National Monument, to sing, to portray, put flowers, snuff and rum to Benny.

Get as many visitors each year, is a challenge for workers, many of them grew along the Lajas singer or sometimes admired him the bard ran his homeland after achieving fame for his unique interpretations.

José Ramón Pérez Espino, custodian of the place, remember that time when Moré placed the orchestra at the Liceum to come singing from the park, on a show.

Precisely that was where his famous song dedicated to Santa Isabel de las Lajas premiered.

The day of the death of Benny was a day of great sadness, I could breathe between people, and then when the coffin arrived mobilized the people to pay tribute latter end he explained Pérez Espino.

Born August 24, 1919, Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré (Benny) was a self-taught musician and popular pieces in various genres earned him popular recognition.

His last performance was in February 1963 in Palmyra, current Cienfuegos municipality, which he left very serious and died three days later in the Cuban capital.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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