The coexistence between Cuba and the United States, despite their differences

Kornbluh said that “President Obama has internal support in the nation and the opposing forces are small, even in Miami. However, some forces opposed to the improvement of relations are still powerful and influential in Congress, especially the Republican Party.”

The American analyst argues that “despite the differences between the two governments, can achieve a respectful coexistence, and in that sense are many challenges.”

When asked what he considers the main obstacles to progress towards a process of normalization, he quickly mentioned, among other matters, human rights and the situation of prison nestled in the illegal Guantanamo Naval Base.

The author of “Secret Channels toward Cuba. The hidden history of negotiations between Washington and Havana, “says the challenge is to build a bridge of dialogue between both sides.

Peter Kornbluh is optimistic about the process started last December 17 between the governments of Cuba and the United States.

Considers it extremely important to continue the tone of mutual respect in the talks, until the restoration of diplomatic relations, ties that aspire to become standard in the future.

“Obama did something that no other president had done before: say that will change the policy because it does not meet US interests,” says Peter Kornbluh.

And although clarifies that “America will never stop being the country that is in its essence and will always push their interests”; It will be very beneficial for both peoples, that relationships can flow in a climate of equality and respect.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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