Prensa Latina: A glance at service of the radio

Among its founders journalists were characters like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Rodolfo Walsh. In the future, the editors and correspondents of PL have had names like Eduardo Galeano and Gregorio Selser.

Today PL is a multimedia news agency services, radio, television, photography, publishing, multimedia and publishing label. It has 32 bureaus and offices run about 300 a day in Spanish and another 140 in English, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and French.

Radio service

Prensa Latina has a radio service that is essential to talk about the agency. Remember that radio is still the most widespread, accessible, flexible and inexpensive mass medium. Despite the advances of Internet and television, in rural areas radio is often the only mass medium available.

On the occasion of this celebration, our portal contacted Silvia Martínez Puentes, in charge of radio services of the agency. With it we were talking about the prospects of PL Radio and characteristics of the services provided.

PL Radio is a service of the agency to disseminate and propagate information about Cuba and around the world, with special emphasis on Latin America. The Latin American life is its reason for being marked by the publishing intention of the Agency.

A staff of 17 workers, journalists, announcers, sound technicians and webmasters, produce various programs in line with existing contracts, services requested and other customer requirements.

PL Radio produces news programs, various services for radio, recording offices, information services with international news in small format and given the news events and the most varied themes aimed at enhancing the cultural heritage and knowledge of the listener.

“Our work is focused on the main events and supported by the agency correspondents located in the capitals of the world that from the scene send us your reports,” says Silvia Martinez.

How do you define radio services Prensa Latina about the specifics of their public and specificities that public means in the creative process?

The radio service Prensa Latina can consider good from the number of customers and visitors to our web site (which on certain days exceeds 700), by the growing interest in the List of radio recordings, which lately it has been among the 10 most read stories of the Agency. All this makes us think that there is an interest in the offer PL Radio programs.

Of course, we covered our expectations just because we believe that this service may be larger; better reach the most remote corners, especially community radio. This is an important goal for us.

It is essential to reach the most remote areas. For example, while there are only two telephone lines for every hundred people in Africa, there are twenty radio receivers, and even in rural areas most households have access to a receiver.
At present 27 programs, which are received by 12 domestic and 153 foreign customers, including users are made. Although we talk about customers, there is evidence that our service reaches many more places from Internet search engines.

We aim to create mechanisms to reach more people. To do this we soon a new, more versatile, web page that allows us to locate a large number of materials, creating new sections for issues such as environment and energy, and even increase our service in English and Portuguese programs resume.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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