Toxic media

Some receive the negative things through ignorance, and others that that “they are driven” captivated by the siren. Therefore, since this objective does not find it as easy as before, because many people have known the value of independence, education and appreciate more decorum than gold.

A media that symbolizes a real embarrassment for broadcasting is undoubtedly Radio Marti, which aired one May 20, 1985 for the sole purpose of contributing to the overthrow of the Cuban revolution.

One of its founding members, Jorge Mas Canosa, was a counter-revolutionary and notorious terrorist. This station is proud to classify Luis Posada Carriles as a “fighter for democracy and human rights”, despite being so well known in the world as the international murderer, causing blowing up a Cuban airliner with more than 73 humans on board, October 6, 1973.

The misnamed Radio Marti has reached the limit incredible claim by one of its speakers Beefeaters, that the former president of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista, one of the most notorious dictator gorillas and the Cuban nation mourned, has not been made “true historical justice”. We can then imagine what the reaction of so many mothers and other family members still mourning their children tortured and killed, having heard such infamy would.

And if I go rummaging through my memory I can add another infamy advocated from within the same Radio Martí, and the label of murderer to our legendary fighter Che Guevara. With such audacity they argue that on the backs of Che, weighing hundreds of killed. And what about the “Illustrious” Ileana Ros Lehtinen, alarmed that in Portugal an organization decided to erect a bust in memory of the heroic guerrilla.

Naturally, there is much more to say about this crappy station, but hundreds of pages would not reach for it. However, it does seem necessary to mention the modus operandi that, since 17 December, is underway regarding the possibility of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States and further normalization of relations.

Today Radio Marti and his team have established servile propaganda central axis, whose aim is to create super distrust and discouragement regarding Cuba and serious interest in establishing relations with the United States.
First: The Western media are determined to put on an equal footing, both the United States and Cuba, in order to hide the undeniable truth that, for over half a century, was the first offender and the second victim.

Second: The interest in minimizing the dispute between the two nations as if they were simple (soluble) discrepancies.

Third: Show only the United States is the only one making concessions, however, Cuba maintain an attitude of taking advantage of the political situation demands. For example, a character from the International University of Florida has said that Cuba intends to achieve everything without giving anything, and yet, so far the United States has pleased Cuba in all their demands.

Fourth: Ponder in the Western media present Cuba-US talks and attempts to senior figures of the political environment do everything to obstruct and reverse the claims of both nations.

Radio Marti, logically is full of useful resonance to achieve those themes that both thin objective of the negotiations between the governments of Cuba and the United; and of course rest on the eternal refrain of that vaunted Cuba is an undemocratic and disrespectful of human rights country.

But let me, as a climax, relate to you a fact that, in itself, shows how much falsehood houses Radio Marti: Carlos Serpa Maceira, or the agent Emilio of Cuban State Security, and of course Florida president of the “Union of Free Journalists of Cuba “(incidentally a non members organization), from Cuban soil, the station reported the news that he was a victim of police, proving almost immediately the transmission of such false news.

As Jose Marti said! “The sickly hatred bark and no play. Just love built. “

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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