Cuban lawmakers urge for more internet access

The deputies in the Commission for the Attention to Services spoke to Maimir Mesa, Cuban Communications Minister and other officials about this issue.

Susana Seda, a Havana deputy, acknowledged the efforts by the government to extent the access to new information technologies that should be closer to the population to make things easier for Cubans.
When asked about the real possibilities of spreading access to internet, the Minister said the government is determined to provide this service to the Cuban people, but at the pace that infrastructure and cyber security allows it
The opening of 35 WiFi areas proves this intention, he said, and added the goal is to give a priority to the professional sector, and then to the general public.
Deputy Minister Wilfredo Gonzalez told ACN news agency they are working to improve access to internet to entities related to the health and education sectors.
We are expanding services to collective internet rooms, of which there are 267 scattered throughout the country, and 114 youth computing centers, he said.
We are focusing on creating the necessary conditions to, when the time comes, facilitate access from homes, something it will require lots of efforts from many institutions to provide a service with the quality the population demands, he added.

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