Youth in tune with Radio Reloj

One of those decisive stages in the country’s destiny takes place in these days in Havana for the celebration of the X Congress of the Young Communist League and prior to that appointment the station continued the story of its protagonists.

The space “Youth of these times” arrives in prime morning program in the programming of the station “Matutino” as a fixed section that started to follow up on the main topics proposed for discussion.

According to the deputy director of programming of Radio Reloj, Alina Sanchez de Collado, the strategy for this time dedicated to young people it is of interest to the station by bringing the unusual journalistic work of their emissions to this age group.

She also noted that in that effort initiated social research to define how to become more involved such public for what amounted to the dissemination of cultural billboards and summer activities without losing common spaces that distinguish traditional composed of elderly public.

The makers of “Youth of these times” are working as journalists Clock Radio while linking him with his membership in the UJC, whereby they actively participate in the development of the game, both from the dial as from the working sessions.

Focused on the publication of various journalistic genres as interviews, commentaries, reports and information, they followed closely the performance of staff delegates and issues of keen interest to the whole society.

Yoanny Duardo, Idania Legrá, Ivet Gracia and Dayani Haro make up the group of young workers from Radio Reloj preparing the section on the X Congress of the UJC, who also won the Flag of Honor of the UJC, highest decoration awarded by the Council State, proposed by the National Bureau of the youth organization.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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