#Cuba goes around the world

The Internet users share photos, infographies, videos and audios with the theme of the restoration of diplomatic relations, broken off in 1961 by US President Dwight Eisenhower.

In the social network Twitter, the hashtag Cuba reached the fourth position of the most discussed topics in this virtual community with more than 255 million followers.

But not only was a trending topic on social networks, media from around the world exhibited headlines related to the preparations for the reopening of embassies.

After the 10:30 am ceremony started, simultaneously press agencies, newspapers in several places in the world, radio stations and television channels announced the news officially.

Newscasts South African television, the SABC channel, posted on his morning program Morning Live extensive report on the subject, in which its correspondent in that country said that “a national flag with the colors blue, white and red rises in Washington on Monday and not the American Flag (US) “.

Also, today the French press devotes several articles to the opening of the embassies of Cuba in Washington and the United States in Havana. The newspaper Le Figaro, stresses that this fact is a new concrete step in the historical approach announced in December 2014 by the two presidents.

Le Monde also noted that the opening of embassies is another step in the process of restoration of diplomatic relations.

For Libération newspaper, it signifies a new step in the “thaw” of ties between the two nations. He also highlighted the presence in Washington of a large Cuban delegation to attend the event.

The British newspaper The Guardian also includes the news headlines of the day among which stands out among the most talked about and shared on social networks.

“Cuba and the United States resume relations” headlines on its front page in English British broadcaster BBC news, and then notes that “after local midnight, the diplomatic missions of each nation became embassies”.

On the cover of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica appears the image of the Cuban flag at the time of the hoist in the State Department, one of the actions of restoring ties.

In Turkey, Hurriyet newspaper published on its front page that Cuba and the United States opened a new chapter in history.

Across the world phrases like “Expectation for the new EU-Cuba era; Cuba: We want the future, Cuba and the United States restored relations and reopened embassies, 54 years later; Cuba and the US open new stage in its diplomatic history; US and Cuba resume full diplomatic ties after 54 years, “are the owners of the Panamanian press.

“The United States and Cuba formally resumed this Monday, July 20, diplomatic relations, and again the Cuban flag waving in the Department of State (US), a historic gesture that puts an end to decades of hostilities between the two rivals Cold War, “reported the TVN channel.

In Mexico’s La Jornada, one of the largest circulations in the country, he published an editorial commenting achieving “no island has yielded to political pressure from Washington against its sovereignty and right to self-determination”.

The Jamaica Observer, one of the most influential of the area, called this step historically and wished that allows completely change the White House policy toward the Caribbean island.

An article in the newspaper The Antigua Observer also greeted Cuba and the United States to begin a new era with the reopening of their embassies, after 54 years of interruption. That media referred to the blockade as the main obstacle to realize the normalization of ties between the two nations.

The news is also spearheading the international section of newspapers from Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and the Bahamas, among other Caribbean states.

Folha de S.Paulo indicates that the renewed building received about 500 guests for this act of reopening, which occurs after more than half a century of Cold War and hostilities.

The multinational channel Telesur emerges once again as one of the main ways of diffusion of Latin American reality and especially today’s Cuban.

Other media outlets reflected the resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States marks the beginning of a new stage working towards normalization of bilateral ties.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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