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Eliades Ochoa Records a New Album in Santiago de Cuba

Ochoa explained that although the CD began to take shape in Havana, its completion is scheduled for the Siboney Studios, belonging to the Company of Music Recording and Edition (EGREM, in Spanish) located in the Cuban eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.
The album will include the themes ¨El Paralítico¨ and ¨Besos Discretos, ¨ by Miguel Matamoros, ¨Estoy hecho tierra, ¨ by Ñico Saquito, ¨La Esperanza, ¨ by José Pepe Sánchez and ¨Pregón Santiaguero, ¨ by Lino Reginfo, a local interpreter.
Ochoa especially highlighted the song ¨Si estas Dormida¨, which text noticeably excited to Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo), who even cried every time he listened to it.
The famous troubadour said this project is a rescue of emblematic songs of Cuban traditional music, and it marks a distinctive style in his career.
Ochoa, author of known themes such as ¨Pintate los labios Maria¨ and ¨Un bolero para ti¨, will perform on the first day of the Pepe Sanchez International Trova Festival, which begins on March 19th in Santiago de Cuba , the cradle of this musical genre in Cuba.


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