#CubaRadio93: The fascinating world of the stations in the capital city (I)

The fascinating world of the stations in the capital (I)

They were born to the radio memory Cuba these writings, which were created from several visits with anecdotes and testimonials on the radio in Havana before 1959, when the revolution triumphed.

Sometimes, in my time of childhood and adolescence, how much I enjoyed listening radio station tuned my father, back in sugarcane colony Caridad 3, Macareño sugar mill, which will be named after Haiti. As you can imagine from the name, paying tribute deserved to emigration that settled and worked in precarious conditions of semi-slavery, in the area of Camaguey.

In my adolescence I was fascinated to contact with stations in the capital; it was like a very interesting discovery. Never struck me why, if they were not nationals, were heard in this remote place Southern Camaguey.

To learn more of the stations heard in my teens and others not signal our radio Zenith battery with its long dipole antenna on the ridge of the roof of my house, I managed to talk to Pedro Yera Diego, one of the Men Havana radio, then.

A Yera I met many years ago in Havana. He reached the category of Awarded him the rank of specialist in the intricacies of the capital’s radio.

Yera has a fabulous memory. A man who, though a native of the small town of Guira de Melena, in the former province of Havana, began her career in 1948 in the capital.

Long and fruitful career, casual and talkative man. And there is no doubt, very observant. With the ability to remember, paper in hand, data for those who love the radio, are transcendent.

On Thursday we will continue on this anecdote, thanks to the incredible memory of Pedro Yera, a man who reveals the history of radio in Havana, a subject that has never spoken, much less writing.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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