Juan Almeida, a hero who transcends time

The rugged landscapes of the Sierra Maestra met his bravery and boundless courage. A lapidary sentence marked him forever in the Cuban military art: Here you nobody!, summary of the spirit of a small country determined to overcome pays winds and tides.

The victorious triumph of the Cuban Revolution surprised him immersed in multiple battles and major tasks. He was always close to his people, whom he worshiped with proverbial humility and simplicity, earning the affection and respect of children, youth and adults.

By dint of determination and willpower, he managed to occupy a place on the pedestal of true revolutionaries, and men who never wait for contemplation and accommodation.

It was exemplary father, friend unblemished, committed revolutionary artist of fine sensibility. It reflected in his songs the feeling of the Revolution, the beauty of women and the transparency of love.

For Cuba and the world remains an example and beacon in the fight for noble causes and redemptive; why, Juan Almeida Bosque will live like a hero between the sun and the mountains.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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