ANOTHER affront to the Poor


With only 25% of the food wasted the lives of some 795 million people at risk of death from malnutrition could be saved, and even enough to cover the needs of more than 870 million hungry, according to a report of the Organization for Food and Agriculture of the United Nations (FAO). Industrialised countries throw away annually 670 million tons of food. Such statements seem at first a great injustice, at least for the poor of this world; however, they also they reveal the true face of the capitalist system, blind, greedy, and unjust by its very nature.

When a powerful man has a great fortune, thinking that he should contribute to a just cause produces torment in him; but on the contrary he feels pleasure in delivering some millions to a pre presidential candidate, knowing that, ultimately, if elected, he will receive greater compensation. If you give money for any work of “charity” it is because then it will come out in the media for convenient publicity; the wife announcing the big news during a tea party. And what of those who, upon reaching the church to confess their many and varied sins, you throw -not delivered into their hands to get rid of them- a few coins to poor beggars which “God has brought into this world.” It’s like a slap, it is not God who made them so, it is a shameful terrestrial system.

This is, in itself, a simple and telling example. It is in my opinion the first and fundamental cause of the great calamities of this world; understanding the problems of hunger, climate change, those who die fleeing wars and social neglect, poor health, illiteracy and many and many grave problems that afflict humanity. No surprise to anyone: unbridled greed.

Let us fight for a fairer world to grow flowers in the desert; and let us do it quickly because time is short to avoid the collapse.

“Selfishness is the evil in the world”. José Martí.

Transalate by: ESTI


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