October 20: Evoking Cuban Roots


Cubans are a great mixture of diverse ingredients without renouncing particularities; we add sense to the polychrome of the rich and varied national spirit.

Cuba is a mixture; at the same time, not a shapeless mass. We are like the parts of the Cuban human body, each part attached to another complementing each other. Nobody is better, nobody is worse. In unity we compose the soul of the Nation.

For all this we are equal and diverse contributing to the common pollen and producing honey as sweet as unique.

We are a blessed country. People from all over the world have come to these beaches through generations chipping in with labor, ways of thinking, songs, dances, traditions and customs. We have purified those added components which go well with what had previously existed. This is explained by the universality of the Cuban soul.

We are patriots, a nation identified by its values, also doors and windows opening to all that is new and noble in the world, able to give, ready to receive.

Some 147 years ago our early heroes sang the National Anthem for the first time. Since August 22, 1980 we took this day to celebrate all the beauty of our past, our present, and what the future holds.

Nothing and nobody will hold us back from the honor of seeing ourselves, thinking and acting as children of this land. The deep-rooted Cuban character prevails anywhere; geographic distances do not matter since emotions take precedence.

Land, rivers, palm trees, sky, flag, anthem, coat of arms, people… here we are!

Every one of us is Cuba anywhere, anytime of the day, through thick and thin; and Cuba is homeland, mother, love, sense of belonging and reason for this beloved greatness be an altar stone and never a pedestal.

Translated by ESTI     

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