Aleida Guevara: My father was very concerned about the current world

In an interview with Russian channel RT, Aleida reflected that Che was always a very sensitive man peoples; He cared a lot about all the welfare of the most humble people, and then I’m pretty sure he would be very concerned about what is happening in the Arab world, and this would be a place where he would be seeing how to help, how to be present in this sense”.

He further stated that his father would be today very concerned about the situation between Ukraine and Russia, because they are people who have grown up together and have lived together for many years.

Guevara March said that Western countries that associate Cuba with a dictatorship, “have no idea what a dictatorship, no dictator will never worry about the education of your people as more cultured than the people, freer it is.. A no dictator would think that his people have a completely free service education of the whole people “.

In conclusion, Aleida said that “the Cuban reality is this: it is a people who are educated in solidarity, respect and love other people, in the capacity to give, in terms of improving the lives of other men and women. So how (Western countries) can you relate this to a dictatorship? For me it’s impossible, I cannot understand this, “he said.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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