Cuban Ambassador to Russia Commits Himself to Cooperation with Region

About this issue, the diplomat stated that a technological aid to the Cuban textile industry could be a concrete way of Russian participation in investments, taking into account the exploitation still of Soviet equipment in that sector.

Lozada presented trading opportunities as of the adoption of a new investment law in the island, and the implementation of the Mariel Economic Zone, about 45 kilometers of the capital.

He also referred to the possibility of professional training of Cuban specialists in Ivanovo specialized institutions, while recognized polo textile sector in the Federation.

The diplomat stressed the cooperation prospects opened up with that Russian region in medicine and biotechnology, and particularly, when mentioning the acceptance in other territories of the Federation of Cuban medicine Heberprot-P to treat diabetic foot ulcers and prevent amputation.

According to Lozada, the clinical trials of the biotechnological product, which represents not only “economic, financial, and also social” benefits due to the therapeutic range enabling a reduction in amputations and consequently, the number of differently-abled people, is making progress in several Russian regions.

Another prominent area is certainly the corporate tourism to the island that has developed some years ago as of the popularity the Cuban destination have among Russian tourists.

For now, according to Governor, Pavel Konkov, a business mission to Cuba will be organized in March or April, to review on site business opportunities, and confirmed the presence of Ivanovo at the Havana International Fair, in November.

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