Compliments just compliments

Psychology compliment…

Compliments repeatedly are not received with the best intentions, there are exceptions, of course, but most have well rehearsed smile, thanks, laughter, flashing in the words they say.

While it is true the compliments are not what they once were, grandparents remember them as a way to win, flatter and love “three butterflies, the middle is the most beautiful”; rude and obscene words, have forgotten the old days, “little, how pretty you are, with your eyes jet I’m stuck with you like a truck in a rut”.

Others say with the best intentions, but of course not, “this really is a woman, not what I have in the house”; Cuban women for serious error, because if anything we are good is gender equality. a school of compliments should be done or teach lessons for a day instead of a “small” Pat did not win it.

The loss of values such as courtesy and respect for our fellow influences the verbal aggression between men and women. Simply pay attention to the lyrics of the new musical styles. It will not be surprise to anyone that in a time those who use compliments assail the ears of the ladies with phrases like “Undisciplined, let’s play.”

A good compliment motivated, enthusiastic, uplifting, it produces laughter. Although otherwise stated sometimes always appreciated. “You have the blackest eyes one night, if the sea were a woman, you would be his queen; God made woman that I met you. ” I remind you that if you do not know to compliment, quietly so you look more beautiful.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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